FAQs about our Company

Q. Who are you?

A. Hedge Company LLC is a small business that was established in 1985 by Ronald F. Mays. His daughter, Teresa, joined the organization in 1999 and in 2007 she took the business over.

Q. What do you do?

A. Hedge Company LLC provides a two way market so that you have a place to purchase and sell your precious metal coins and bars, and 90% silver coins “junk silver”.

Q. How can I purchase precious metal products form you?

A. Most business is “walk in”. However, you are welcome to contact me and we can discuss your options on the phone.

Q. How do I know that you are selling the “real thing”?

A. Hedge Company LLC purchases from the few wholesale distributors that have contracts with the U S Mint. These distributors also sell foreign gold and silver bullion coins, such as Canada Maple Leafs, and they sell domestic gold and silver rounds and bars from reputable companies such as Sunshine Minting Inc, OPM, Johnson Matthey, and Amark Corporation, just to name a few.

Q. Are my transactions confidential?

A. Yes.

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, checks, certified funds, or bank wires. Please contact us for wire information. All orders are held until checks or wires clear the bank. We do not accept credit cards.

If you choose to purchase precious metals using cash in excess of $10,000. 00, we are obligated to fill out an IRS 8300 form. This will require you to provide an ID and personal information.

Q. Do you have minimum purchase requirements?

A. No and yes. We do not have buy or sell minimums, except those imposed by our wholesalers.

We usually have a few ounces in stock and are happy to sell what we have.

You can purchase a single coin/bar at any time. However, if we can order for you (see minimums below), we will charge you our exact cost and a small percent over that (1 to 5%), otherwise we will charge current retail.

Silver. If we place an order for you, the distributor’s minimum order is 500 ounces. You can order fewer but never less than 100 ounces. The wholesalers do charge for shipping if we do not meet their minimums.

Gold. If we place an order for you, the distributor’s minimum is 10 ounces. Again, they will ship fewer, but will charge a shipping fee. Do not let the minimums intimidate you. If you want just a few ounces of silver or gold, we often have that in inventory.

Q. Do I have to open an account to do business?

A. No.

Q. How often do the prices change?

A. The market changes by the moment. If we place an order for you, the price will be based on the spot price of the commodity at the moment we lock the trade in. If you purchase from our inventory, the price will also be locked in at the time of the transaction based on the current retail market. You are welcome to call us to ask about our inventory. If we have something you want/need, we will set it aside for you at a price we both agree on. You can either mail a check or can simply stop by to complete the purchase.

Q. Does Hedge have a product catalog?

A. No. Click on the “Services” Tab  for a list of the products we sell.

Q. Can you ship my purchase to me?

A. Yes. We use the United States Post Office and charge you the exact fee they charge us.

Q. May I place my order online?

A. No.

Q. I noticed that your website quotes the spot price for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Does this mean that I can purchase coins or bars in any of these metals?

A. Yes. We only broker products made from these four precious metals. When you call or stop by we can tell you what is available or what we can order for you.

Q. Do you share my information with any one?

A. No. All transactions are confidential. If you choose to purchase precious metals using cash in excess of $10,000. 00, we are obligated to fill out an IRS 8300 form. This will require you to provide an ID and personal information.

Q. If I purchase from you and live out of town, how do I obtain my order?

A. You are welcome to either stop by our office, or we can ship your order to you. Again, we send all shipments via the United States Postal Service. Each shipment is registered and insured. We charge you exactly what the post office charges us.

If we place an order for you, we can arrange to have the order drop-shipped to your address.

Q. When I want to sell my precious metals, do you purchase them back?

A. Yes, either we will purchase them outright, or we will sell them back to the distributors who sold them to us in the first place.

Q. If I want to open a precious metals IRA can you do that for me?

A. No. Hedge Company LLC is a provider of physical metals only.

If you opt to open a precious metals IRA, there are a few companies that offer them. Check with your current financial advisor for more information.

Remember, with an IRA, you do not take possession of your metals. They will be stored in a repository and you will incur annual storage fees. The storage facilities are not local; most of them can be found along the northeast coast of the United States.